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How many days to go until the Big Event?October 6, 2018
Happy 20th Class of 1998


October 5th-6th, 2018

From the Yearbook

The senior class of ninety-eight certainly spiced up the school year. This class was the first to graduate with all four years of the night-minute block schedule. Sr. Ross Gutler explains “I really like the long hall breaks, but I think they classes are too long, and I fall asleep.” This appeared to be a common result of the ninety-minute block. Along with being the first class to graduate on the new schedule, this class was the first to have the gym evacuated during a pep rally due to hazardous conditions. As the senior girls danced their way into the gym and the crowd started to roar, smoke began to seep out from behind the enormous “98 Rules The World” banner. Events following that caught students, faculty, parents, and administrators off guard. Senior football players cut down the banner, and the senior boys in white tank tops sprayed fire extinguishers as they rushed out of the float. Shortly following the screams of enthusiasm, students covered their mouths in order to breathe. Sulferous-Carbon dioxide was spewed from fire extinguishers and robbed the gym of oxygen. Students were then commanded to return immediately to their fourth period classes. While the student body thought the ordeal was hilarious, many administrators and seniors were faced with new struggles and concerns as the year began. This was the year to worry about colleges, friendships, and leaving home. It was their turn, to chalk the parking lot and yell the first day of school. Although many seniors tend to slack off their last year in high school, the class of ’98 did not take the was way out. Many students took AP classes to prepare them for colleges. These year long classes are definitely not easy crip courses. Students had homework almost every night and were constantly challenged to use their knowledge in class. Helping the community was also a task well maintained by this group of students. One of the “Skills for Action” classes helped at CCM and the other volunteered at the Salvation Army to help sort canned food. These seniors also went to local elementary schools and helped tutor students. Classes and extra-curricular activities bonded students together during their four year stay at school. Students began to wonder what would happen to tightly bound friendships as they prepared to grow up. They did not, however, let these worries get in their way of having a good time. Though the class of “98 was remembered as an intelligent, well rounded group of students, the “pep rally prank” might outlast any other impressions.

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